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Qore Performance IcePlate MOLLE Sleeve
Designed specifically for use with IcePlate to deliver hydration with the thinnest profile on the market at just 1" thin, IMS6 is the external hydration solution for tactical professionals in austere, no-fail environments.
Condor Tactical Shotgun Shell Carrier
The Condor Shotgun reload pouch can accommodate up to 25 shotgun shells. The pouch is an excellent fit to our shotgun scabbard.
LBX 0300 Large Modular Plate Carrier
LBX 0300 Medium Plate Carrier
LBX 0300 Medium Modular Plate Carrier
LBX 0300 Medium Plate Carrier
Qore Performance Ice Plate w/ Upgrade Kit
IcePlate is the world's most powerful and efficient cooling, warming and hydration system. It ergonomically holds 50 oz (1.5 L) of water and gives you control over your environment - keeping you safer, lighter, cooler (or warmer), and hydrated
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