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Elite Force 9.6v 1600 mAh Stick Battery Tamiya
Get powered up with Elite Force 9.6V NIMH 1600mah Nun-Chuck airsoft AEG batteries.
Valken Universal Smart Charger
Universal Fast Smart Charger for any NiMH/NiCd battery packs from 6V-12V (5-10 cell pack)
100-240V AC input for worldwide voltage support
Ideal for charging all 6V, 7.2V, 8.4V, 9.6V, 10.8V, and 12V RC Car, RC Air and Airsoft battery packs.
Using pulse
Valken CR123A Lithium Batteries
Non-rechargeable lithium cylindrical 3V button top cell
PTCfuse protection
UL certified
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