Raptors Airsoft

RTQ 6.02 380mm Tight Bore Barrel Square Cut

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  • Manufacturer: Raptors Airsoft
  • Series: RTQ
  • Inner Diameter: 6.02mm
  • Size: 380mm
  • For AK47 & AK74 AEGs
  • Material: Steel
  • Standard square cut

Raptors Airsoft is introducing the Cyclops 6.02mm tight bore airsoft barrels. Raptors Airsoft saw a need for an accurate and affordable 6.02mm barrel in the airsoft industry. High quality 6.02 barrels are available on the market, but they cost twice as much as this one. So, one of Raptors Airsoft's goals for this barrel was to make it affordable without sacrificing quality. But why a 6.02mm barrel? Why not a 6.01mm or 6.03mm? It's because a 6.02mm is the happy medium between the two. You keep the reliability and affordability of a 6.03mm and the accuracy of a 6.01mm (without the high maintenance or cost of a 6.01mm barrel). All in all, this is an accurate and very affordable tight bore barrel.

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