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Nokri III Astro-Biological Containment Group (February 23rd)

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(Astro-Biological Containment Group -- ABCG)


  1. Situation
  2. Enemy Forces

Northern Circle forces in the area of operation (AO) are wearing woodland pattern uniforms as well as some elements wearing black.

Intelligence suggests that they are located at their casualty collection point (CCP) located at grid coordinate .


  1. Friendly Forces

ABCG forces will be wearing multicam pattern uniforms as well as some elements wearing white biological hazard suits.

Our forces will start at our CCP at grid coordinate .


  1. Unit Structure

Friendly forces have one (1) company-sized element consisting of three (3) infantry platoons available for tasking.

Intelligence suggests a similar sized presence of enemy forces in the AO.


  1. Special Assets


  1. Mission

A possible extraterrestrial event has occurred, this time in central Agova. Not much is known at this time, but we believe it is highly localized single object landing, although the object may be larger than the initial probe crash and both of the two previous landings. Intel suggests several more objects entered the Earth’s atmosphere during an initial recon of the site.  All communication with the operatives sent in has ceased.  We are sending forces to assess the area and take control of the situation. Extraterrestrial forces are believed to have deployed infantry units on the ground.

The soonest that a company sized element can be mobilized and mission-ready on site will be 23 FEB 2019.


  1. Execution
  2. Rules of Engagement (ROE)
  • Nothing in these ROE limits your right to take appropriate action to defend yourself and your unit against attack or threats of attack.
  • Hostile fire may be returned effectively and promptly to stop a hostile attack.
  • You may not seize the property of others to accomplish your mission.
  • Detention and transport of civilians is NOT authorized for this mission.
  • Detention of enemy uniformed military forces is NOT authorized for this mission.
  • Enemy forces are to be shot on sight after positive identification.
  • All forces must fire on semi-auto unless designated as a support weapon.
  • Support weapons are not permitted to fire within fifty feet of any target.
  • All weapons must be chronographed the day of the event and adhere to rules and regulations on under RULES > Weapon Restrictions.


  1. LOA (Limit of Advance)
  • Friendly forces are not to advance within 100 yards of the enemy CCP.


  1. Service Support
  2. Uniforms and Equipment

ABCG Forces will be wearing Multicam pattern uniforms as well as some elements wearing white biological hazard suits. Load bearing equipment will vary by unit.


  1. Medical Supplies

Friendly forces will start with 20 units of medical supplies (Medical Bandages) available for on-site treatment of wounded.


  1. Medical Evacuation

CCP has been established for wounded that require medivac.


  1. Command and Signal
  2. Radio Frequencies

Designated radio frequencies for Command Use (11-12)

Designated radio frequencies for platoon-level use (non-command) (13-18)


  1. Challenge and Password

“DARK” – “SUN” will be the company challenge and password.


  1. Chain of Command




  1. Timeline

23 FEB 2019

Parking 0730-0900

Registration/Processing 0800-0900

Briefing 0900-0930

Phase One 1000-1300

Op Pause 1300-1400

Phase Two 1400-1800

Debrief/Raffles 1815-1845

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