Trailtopia Cashew Chicken Curry
Classic Thai curry sauce with chicken, rice, cashews, red and green bell peppers. This Curry is a bit on the spicy side. Naturally gluten free!
Trailtopia Beef Stroganoff
Classic Beef Stroganoff with real sour cream sauce, wide noodles, beef, mushrooms and onions.
Sweetwood Smokehouse Fatty Stick
The best meat sticks are thick, flavorful, and filling. Each 2 oz Sweetwood FATTY smoked meat stick
Sweetwood Smokehouse Bully Beef Bar Peppered
Thick cut and marinated to perfection, our 100% premium, hickory-smoked, grass-fed beef jerky is a staple for any respectable carnivore.
Munk Pack Double Dark Chocolate Cookie
Chocolate lovers, this one’s for you. Our Double Dark Chocolate Protein Cookie lets you enjoy the decadent and rich chocolate you love, but with 18g protein for a better-for-you sweet treat. Each Double Dark Chocolate Protein Cookie contains no sugar alco
Mountain House Breakfast Skillet Can
Filling hash browns, savory sausage, tasty veggies and scrambled eggs all team up to make the legendary Mountain House Breakfast Skillet.
Mountain House Chicken Freid Rice Can
When you need a hot, filling meal after a long day outside, look no further than Mountain House Chicken Fried Rice.
Mountain House Homstyle Turkey Dinner
The comforting flavors of your favorite holiday meal, without hours of cooking or cleaning your house for your zany relatives.
Mountain House Ice Cream Sandwich
Mountain House's Freeze-Dried Ice Cream Sandwich allows you to enjoy real ice cream without needing a freezer.
Mountain House 5-Day Emergency Food Supply
Take your outdoor adventures to the next level with our Mountain House Expedition Bucket.
Mountain House 3-Day Emergency Food Supply
Prepare for whatever life throws your way with our Just in Case...®3-Day Emergency Food Supply.
Mountain House Mint Ice Cream Sandwich
f you thought you could only take ice cream camping with you if you had a huge cool box and ate it within 2 days, you're mistaken.
Mountain House Chicken Teriyaki Can
Love chicken teriyaki? Who doesn't? Now you can take your favorite takeout item anywhere you want thanks to Mountain House.
Mountain House Biscuts & Gravy Can
A Mountain House favorite, our Biscuits & Gravy is now available in a #10 Can - large enough to feed the whole family.
Mountain House Noodles & Chicken
Mountain House Noodles and Chicken serves up home-cooked flavor in an easy-to-cook package that can be whipped up in minutes.
Alpine Aire Spicy Cheddar Bean Dip
Perfect for chips or as a spread. This spicy little instant dip is a great mix of beans, cheese, sour cream and spices.
Coghlans Multi-Spice Kit
Six popular spices in one container, each with their own flip-top shaker lid.
Alpine Aire Guacamole Instant Dip
Winner of Backpacker Editor's Choice, this Guacamole is sure to impress. Hass avocados, sarrano peppers, tomato, onion and spices are blended into a smooth instant guacamole. Bring some home and whip it up tonight!
Alpine Aire
Great food for any adventure!
Alpine Aire 7Day Meal Kit
This convenient, cost effective and delicious 7 day meal kit includes some of our best-selling tasty meals. Each pouch represents one meal and combined provides an average of 1200 calories per day. Each meal can be easily prepared in the pouch by simply
Alpineaire 3Day Meal Kit
The popular AlpineAire 3 Day Meal Kit contains all-natural instant just add water smoothies, plus 6 of our best selling freeze-dried/dehydrated lunch and dinner entrees.
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