Fly Fishing

South Bend 10 Pack Fly Assortment
Fly Assortments are available in our most popular fly patterns and styles including dry, wet, nymph, caddis and streamer varieties.
Dragontail Clip on Line Winder (2pk)
These Tenkara Line Winders are the perfect alternative to troublesome Easy Hook Keepers for quickly winding up your line while moving from spot to spot.
Dragontail Talon Tenkara Rod w/ Case
The Talon backpacker Tenkara rod is a great choice for streams and backpack fishing
Dragontail Hydra zx390 Zoom Tenkara Rod w/ case
This rod is a 6:4 soft action rod can be fished at either 13′ or 11.5′, it easily zooms between the 2 lengths.
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