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Valken Day at Ballahack Airsoft (July 27th)
Valken is powering the Karo based Conflict at Ballahack Airsoft Field on July 27th! Getting ready for an epic fight, pic patches, free drinks all day, and awesome raffles! The ongoing conflict continues between Rosvad and Endura in the Ballahack World
G&G / Polarstar Day at Ballahack Airsoft (August 24th)
Get ready for an epic Battle for Ballahack with G&G and Polarstar at Ballahack Airsoft Field. This event is happening on Saturday August 24th and includes a patch, free drinks all day, raffles, and unforgettable memories!
The ongoing conflict contin
Z III Survivor (October 26th)
Can you survive the Zombie Horde? Find out...
Revelations X (December 14th & 15th)
Can you survive the wastelands of Revelations?
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