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Elite Force H8R Revolver

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Article number: P-3203

Put your haters on blast with the Elite Force H8R Revolver.   Designed to be the ultimate tactical airsoft hand cannon, we stuff this wheel gun monster with tons of great features.  We even added rail space to mount a flashlight and/or laser underneath the barrel and a red dot optic on the top.  The gun is CO2 powered, with the CO2 gas cartridge being housed in the grip, yet we managed to keep it CQB legal at a low velocity as a way of showing that we do pay attention and listen to the feedback from our end users.  The “magazines” are removable and hold 10 shots each, with 5 mags included with the gun.  Double or single-action realism and an ergonomic grip round off what is truly a unique option for the player looking for something a little off the highly beaten airsoft pistol trail.


  • Realistic revolver reaction
  • CO2 housed in grip
  • CQB Legal
  • 10-shot magazine
  • 5 mags included
  • Fixed sights
  • Accessory rails
  • Quick change mag
  • Ergonomic grip
  • 305 fps (.20g)
Will Reed 16-06-2018 22:29

Bought one 2 months ago on another site and this gun is an amazing backup. I have speedsofted some of my friends in airsoft games. It does not have hop up but you can get 100ft shots with co2 that isn't low and gas consumption is really good. I pistol sniped my brother from 65ft and he said he said it stung so fps is not bad. Remember its not a primary (unless CQB). Only problem is that if you use the discs a lot or roughly or dry fire with discs in like i did, the grooves in the back of the disc get torn up causing the disc to not rotate on the torn up groove. Don't do that and it is great!

5 stars based on 1 reviews

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