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Storm Area 51 Ballahack Airsoft KYLE

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**IMPORTANT**  This is a digital product.  No ticket will be shipped.  Please select "Ticket Delivery" when asked for a shipping option to prevent shipping charges being applied to your order.  Please note, there are no refunds for event tickets unless the event is cancelled.

This event is on September 14th 2019.

  Ballahack Airsoft Field is proud to present Storm Area 51 at Ballahack Airsoft on September 14th 2019.. This ticket is for a KYLE. KYLE's are allowed to use airsoft guns with the exception of support weapons. Only support weapons are allowed to be used on full auto for this event.

  Guards will be holding off Kyles, Rock Throwers, and Naruto Runners. Kyles are allowed to use all weapon types with the exception of support weapons.

This event will be semi-auto only except for support gunners.

KYLEs should wear civilian clothes but can wear whatever color gear they choose.  They are not allowed to wear military camouflaged clothing.  Any clothing with aliens on them is encouraged. Tin foil hats are encouraged.  

More details coming soon...

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