Revelations X (December 14th & 15th)
Can you survive the wastelands of Revelations?
Z II Survivor (March 23rd)
Can you survive the onslaught of zombies? Find out....
Fertile Crescent 5 (May 18th & 19th)
Ballahacks Summer Rendition of the Revelation Event.
Lancer Tactical 3-9x40 Rifle Scope w/Rings
This Lancer Tactical 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope is a great, and inexpensive, way to add magnified optics to your airsoft gun. This model is capable of being mounted on multiple platforms via 2 included scope rings. The mil-dot cross hairs are adjustable for bot
World Conflict Operation Icarus (April 13th)
The ongoing conflict continues between Rosvad and Endura in the Ballahack World Conflict Series.
ARES Amoeba Striker Sniper Rifle
A bolt action airsoft rifle that uses AEG parts internally, making for very easy upgrading.
Elite Force Colt 1911 TAC TAN
Every player needs a solid, reliable airsoft pistol. One they can count on to shoot when the trigger gets pulled. One they can count on when the game is on the line. That’s why we offer the Elite Force 1911 TAC.
Modify MOD24 SF Bolt Action Sniper Rifle
Top Notch and deadly. If you don't want to modify, buy a modify!
Valken Zulu Goggles
Sporty, lightweight design eliminates the bulkiness and weight of a goggle.
Quick release interchangeable temples and an elastic strap.
Indirect vented foam carriage provides maximum dust protection, as well as a sufficient airflow outlet for heat.
Elite Force Colt 1911A1
Tried and true, this pistol will make a great addition to any kit for when the cards arent in your favor and your backed into a corner.
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