Valken Zulu Goggles
Sporty, lightweight design eliminates the bulkiness and weight of a goggle.
Quick release interchangeable temples and an elastic strap.
Indirect vented foam carriage provides maximum dust protection, as well as a sufficient airflow outlet for heat.
Valken Tactical ACOG Red Dot Sight Black
30 MM Reflex Red Dot Sights

Strong and yet lightweight Fiber reinforced molded polymer housing
Highly visible and bright CQB(circle plus center dot) reticle is perfect for use under strong direct sunlight.
5 level intensity settings.
Valken Airsoft 2G Mesh Mask
Most popular entry level mask available
Full face cover with comfortable medium weight mesh for good protection of the face nose and mouth.
Valken Tactical 3G Mesh Mask
75% more protection than our popular Valken 2G Mask
Extended coverage of the cheek, face and ears with two adjustable straps.
Comfortable medium weigh mesh construction with added padded lower section for improved comfort and protection.
Valken Tactical ATH Helmet
The Valken ATH Tactical Helmet is a popular helmet design used in active service, Hollywood, and airsoft games. The added protection of the ATH Tactical Helmet allows Airsoft players a bolder style of play.
Thunder v Grenade Shells 12 Pack Pineapple Type
Designed to mimic sound distraction devices (flash bangs) used by military and law enforcement personnel, these reusable sound devices create a loud bang in order to distract your enemy allowing you to get the drop on them.
Valken Tactical MICH 2000
Training Style Helmet
Removable/Adjustable Padding
Modular Side Rail System
Metal NVG Shroud for Action Cameras, Night Vision, etc.
Valken V-Tac Full Finger Glove
Breathable padded mesh construction on back of the hand
Flexible plastic armor on the main part of hand
Full-finger design for full protection
Abrasion resistant padded palm
Velcro adjustable elastic wrist closure
V-TAC Sierra Goggles Grey
TPU frame features excellent resistance to cold and heat and provides a perfect facial seal.
Special indirect ventilation system located at the top and bottom of frame allow air flow & heat release.
Valken Airsoft 2G Kilo Mesh Mask
Full face cover with comfortable medium weight mesh for good protection of the face nose and mouth
Valken 3" Colored Armband
Available in blue, red, green, orange and yellow
Valken Tactical 3G Wire Mesh Ear Cover Black
Ear protection only
Works with V-Tac 2G wire mesh tactical mask
Valken Tactical Knee Pads
The Valken Tactical Knee pad is perfect for all sports, outdoor activities, airsoft, paintball, hunting, and shooting games. They will keep players' knees safe when they suddenly kneel down, start to creep, and during the impact of taking a fast drop down
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