Grenade Launchers

Airsoft Innovations 40 Mike
The 40 Mike is the MOST POWERFUL 40mm gas shell ever made! It features an unparalleled 100ft range, 150BB capacity, and fires every shot at 240fps
Madbull Airsoft M583 BB Shower Shell - 96rnds
A gas powered airsoft grenade shell for 40mm airsoft launchers, fires 96 rounds at once for tons of chaotic fun!
Madbull Airsoft M922 BB Shower Shell - 120rnds
Gas powered 40mm shell for airsoft, fires 120 rounds at once to shower down for some pure chaotic fun!
Airsoft Innovations Master Mike Blast Shell
The brand new Master Mike blast shell features a MASSIVE spread — a 10ft diameter at 20ft — with a 60ft range, 220fps muzzle velocity, and 100bb capacity. Exceptional performance for medium and long range engagements, the Master Mike is the most effective
Madbull Airsoft XM203 Long BB Launcher in TAN
XM-203 L is a high quality and affordable BB Launcher. Full metal construction. You can use all Mad Bull B.B. grenades without any problems.
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